Evolutionary genomics
Eduard Kejnovský & Roman Hobza


For students

Faculty of Science Masaryk University, Brno

University of
Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno

Faculty of Science
South Bohemian University
České Budějovice

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The exponential growth of knowledge in different fields of the natural
sciences makes understanding an increasingly difficult goal for the
general public. Moreover, in biology the situation is even more
complicated by the specificity of individual life forms, which makes
it seem as if general rules are immediately followed by many
exceptions. Surprisingly, the same exceptions may later be formulated
as new rules.
Our aim is to present new pieces of knowledge about the origin of life
and genetic information, the plasticity of genomes during individual
development and evolution, the consequences of reproductive strategies
for our lives and about how all of this might someday come to an end.


Textbook of Evolutionary genomics (in Czech)


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Vesmír (in Czech)
Scientific American
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